Larimar Butterfly Jewelry, Necklace

Larimar Butterfly Jewelry
and   Hummingbird Jewelry

     Larimar is one of the newest and rarest of gemstones to have been discovered and cataloged. It is just now being introduced to jewelry stores in the United States and most people have not yet heard of it.
     Larimar is a rare form of pectolite, a stone formed millions of years ago by volcanic activity. Pectolite is generally clear, gray, or white in color. Pectolite is found in nearly every hemisphere, but no other pectolite has the unique blue coloration of Larimar. Believed to exist in only one half square mile of the entire world, Larimar is being mined from deep inside an old volcano located in the remote southwestern mountain region of the Dominican Republic.
     Larimar is said to have been named in 1974 by a Dominican named Miguel Mendez. Mendez combined the first letters of his daughter's name, Larissa, with "mar", the Spanish word for sea. Larimar has been coined the Gem of the Caribbean, not only because of the location in which it is found, but also because of its colors, which perfectly mimic the colors of the Caribbean Sea.
     Dominican craftsmen have become highly skilled in the cutting and polishing of Larimar. After being cut and polished,  high grade Larimar gemstones are used in creating beautiful handcrafted Larimar jewelry. All of our Larimar gems are set in sterling silver. Many of the jewelry pieces shown on this page were designed specifically for us and cannot be found for purchase anywhere else in the world. Because the Larimar gemstones are all natural (except for cutting and polishing), no two gemstones are exactly alike. Each carries its own individual characteristics. Be among the first of Americans to own a piece of beautiful high grade Larimar jewelry.
     Aside from Larimar jewelry, we also offer other sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, some  with genuine Turquoise, Rainbow Moonstone, and Rhodochrosite gemstones. As is the case with the Larimar jewelry, many of these pieces were designed specifically for our customers and cannot be found elsewhere.
     All of our jewelry is shipped in a silver foil gift box via USPS Priority Mail. Once you place an order, please watch your email closely as we will let you know when your order is shipped and when you should expect delivery.

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Larimar Butterfly Pendant

Larimar Butterfly Pendant             

The Larimar gemstone is approximately 3/8" wide.
The butterfly is about 5/8" wide. 
Sterling silver.
Necklace not included.   


Larimar earrings Larimar Earrings

Larimar gemstones are approximately 1/2" long.
Sterling silver.                                                   
$25.95 pair


Round Snake Chain with Filagree Butterfly

Chain is 1.5 mm, 18" long. Butterfly is about 1" wide.
Chain can be worn alone.
Sterling silver.                            


Round Snake Chain with Silhouette Butterfly

Chain is 1.5 mm, 18" long. Butterfly is approximately 5/8" wide.
Chain can be worn alone.
Sterling silver.                            


DC Rope Chain with Butterfly

Butterfly is approximately 1" wide. Rope chain is 18" long.
Chain can be worn alone (and is very beautiful worn alone)..
Sterling silver.                        


DC Rope Chain with Monarch Butterfly

Butterfly is approximately 7/8" wide.
Chain is 18" long and can be worn alone.
Sterling silver.                                           


Butterfly Earrings

Sterling silver.        $12.95   


Necklace with Rhodochrosite Gemstone and Butterfly

Necklace is about 18" long. Gemstone links vary in shape. Sorry, no choice of gemstone shape. Butterfly is about 5/8" wide. Rhodochrosite gems are medium pink. Sterling silver.        $18.95   


Bracelet with 3 Rhodochrosite Gemstone Charms

Bracelet is 7" long. Gemstone charms are about 1/2" long. Sterling silver. Rhodochrosite gems are medium pink. Sterling silver.   $19.95


Bracelet with Butterfly Charm and 2 Rainbow Moonstone Charms

Bracelet is 7" long. Rainbow Moonstone gemstone charms are about 1/2" long. Butterfly charm is approx. 1" long. Sterling silver.         $18.95


Earrings with Rainbow Moonstone Gemstones

Rainbow Moonstone gemstone links are about 1/2" long. Sterling silver.        $13.95 pair


Earrings with Turquoise Gemstones

Turquoise gemstone links are about 1/2" long. Sterling silver.      $13.95 pair


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