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   On this page we list some of our favorite web sites. Most of these sites offer information on gardening, facts about butterflies, or nifty accessories for the garden.  Please visit some of these sites when you have time for browsing the Internet.


The Butterfly Website offers plenty for every butterfly enthusiast. Whether you are looking for informative articles about butterflies, photos of butterflies, a register of public butterfly gardens or butterfly houses, a calendar of nature events, a chat room, or pen pal list, you'll find it here on The Butterfly Website.


Enjoy the magic of metamorphosis with the amazing Meta-Sphere.
Watch as a Painted Lady caterpillar transforms from caterpillar to pupae and then finally emerges as a beautiful butterfly. Great for students, teachers, and as party favors.


On this web site you will find articles on gardening, a long list of public botanical gardens, an index of nurseries, gardening links, and more.


Milkweed Cafe has something for everyone who loves butterflies! Club Caterpillar for kids, butterfly gardening information, The Butterfly Shoppe, free e-cards, and more.


Butterfly Haven offers Monarchs and Painted Lady butterflies for release. Visit our Butterfly Garden section. And learn more about our educational programs offered throughout the state of Pennsylvania.


Let us provide large, vibrant Monarchs or Painted Ladies for release at your wedding or other special event. The Monarchy, Massachusetts' first butterfly release company, is available to speak with you about your wedding plans and to customize a beautiful butterfly release for you.

Sandra Dee's How To Butterfly Garden

A well designed web site with beautiful graphics! Sandra Dee offers information about butterfly gardening and includes lots of links to other butterfly websites.


Internet address of The Pennsylvania Native Plant Society, a not-for-profit organization that helps people learn about and enjoy the native plants found in PA. It sponsors numerous field trips throughout PA and publishes a quarterly newsletter for its members.


A web site sponsored by the Penns Valley Conservation Association, a non-profit organization with a mission to sustain the Penns Valley region of central PA as a healthy and beautiful place to live, work, and do business.

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