Blue Mist Spirea, Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Longwood Blue'
(Rose Franklin's Perennials)


Beautyberry, Callicarpa dichotoma, bush

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Our new 'Plant Index' page lists all the plants we expect to have available for the 2019 shipping season.

On this page, we offer a lot of highly desirable flowering shrubs. If you prefer to purchase small plants over large, full grown specimens (saving money and watching them grow to maturity), check these plants out. Included are some of the most beautiful blooming bushes available to gardeners. Some of these shrubs attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and/or honey bees. 
In the process of reducing inventory (nearing retirement), we will not be restocking flowering shrubs. Once they are gone, they are gone.
Update: As of May 16, all of our flowering shrubs are sold out. Sorry.

   We ship orders from our plant nursery from May through October.
   Important Note: Before you order plants from our nursery, please check to see that we are able to ship to your state. We can only ship plants to 28 states in the USA.
We ARE permitted to ship plants to the following states within the USA:  Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.
State and Federal regulations prohibit us from shipping to other destinations. If you do not live in one of the states we are permitted to ship to, please do not order. We will not ship your order and will charge you a $3.00 service charge to cancel your order and return your payment.
For an explanation of why we are not permitted to ship to states not listed above, please visit the 'F.A.Q.' page of the web site.

Flowering Shrubs Available for 2019 Shipping:

Most of our flowering shrubs are shipped in 3" to  4" nursery pots or liners.
They should bloom this summer.
Unless otherwise noted, the plants shown on this page prefer full sun. 
We ship orders via USPS Priority Mail.

Clethra alnifolia 'Ruby Spice', Summersweet, bush  'Ruby Spice' Summersweet
(Clethra alnifolia 'Ruby Spice')

Growing 4'-6' high, 'Ruby Spice' Summersweet produces highly fragrant pink flower spike July thru August. The flowers attract butterflies. Deer Resistant.

Perennial shrub
, zones 4-9.       $8.00 each         Sorry, Sold Out.


'Sugar Shack' Button Bush
(Cephalanthus occidentalis 'Sugar Shack')

'Sugar Shack' Button Bush is a deciduous shrub that grows 3'-4' high and produces small ball-shaped flowers that somewhat resemble pin cushions. Preferring to grow in moist soil, the flowers attract numerous species of butterflies for nectaring.  It will grow well in full sun or part shade.

Perennial, zones 5-9.               $9.00 each        Sorry, Sold Out.

Flowering Quince, Chaenomeles Double Take 'Scarlet Storm', flowering shrub  Flowering Quince Double Take 'Scarlet Storm'
(Chaenomeles Double Take 'Scarlet Storm')

Growing 4'-5' high and wide, 'Scarlet Storm' Quince produces velvety lipstick-red flowers in spring. Unlike most other quinces, it doesn't have thrones. The flowering branches make wonderful cut flowers too!

Perennial shrub
, zones 5-9           $8.00 each      Sorry, Sold Out.

Hydrangea 'Pinky Winky' Hydrangea 'Pinky Winky''     

Maturing at 4'-8' high, this showy Hydrangea produces large, 12"-16" long flower heads in mid summer. The flowers emerge white, then turn pink. Use as a specimen plant or to create a spectacular flowering hedge. Full sun or part shade.
Highly recommended by Rose Franklin.

Perennial, zones 3-8.     $9.00 each        Sorry, Sold Out.


Hydrangea quercifolia 'Ruby Slippers', Oakleaf Hydrangea Oakleaf Hydrangea ' Ruby Slippers'     (Hydrangea quercifolia 'Ruby Slippers')   

Developed at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC. Growing 36"-48" high and wide, 'Ruby Slippers' flowers open white but quickly mature to deep pink. The foliage turns mahogany in autumn.

Perennial, zones 5-8.        $9.00 each       Sorry, Sold Out.


Hydrangea 'Harlequin'     

Maturing at 36"-48"  high, Hydrangea 'Harlequin' produces bicolored  flowers of bright pink and white in mid to late summer. Use as a specimen plant or to create a spectacular flowering hedge. Full sun or part shade.

Perennial, zones 5-8.        $9.00 each        Sorry, Sold Out.


Hydrangea 'Mega Mindy' Hydrangea 'Mega Mindy'     

Maturing at 4'-6' high, this showy Hydrangea produces large,  long flower heads in mid summer. The flowers emerge white, then turn reddish-pink in fall. Use as a specimen plant or to create a spectacular flowering hedge. Full sun or part shade.

Perennial, zones 3-9.       $10.00 each       Sorry, Sold Out.



  Two ways to order: (1) Utilize our on-line shopping cart or  (2) print our online order form, fill it out, and then mail it to us, along with your check or money orderSome of the features of our online shopping cart fail to work correctly with some Internet Service Providers. If you have problems using our shopping cart, please print our order form, fill it out, and then mail it to us. Sorry for the inconvenience.   We do not accept phone orders.

   Quantities are limited on some of our nursery stock. Plants will be reserved to fill orders in the sequence in which orders are received. Please order at your earliest convenience to avoid disappointment. Please do not order plants which are not currently posted with a picture, plant description, and price. When plants are removed from our availability lists, they are temporarily or permanently out of stock.


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